A Walk Through The Meadows

It is most always a perfect time to take a stroll through Swanson Meadows. Interesting challenges and sights wait as one stands on the first tee and looks out onto the fairway in great anticipation. The first hole, the longest on the course, should be uneventful.

As you approach the second tee, one can frequently see a few red wing blackbirds sitting on the cattails in the marsh enjoying their day as much as one hopes to enjoy their day.

The second hole, a short par 4, is the first good chance to get a birdie, but one must not think a second shot onto the narrow green with water in front and ugliness behind is possible unless a perfect drive begins the challenge. One morning, a red tail hawk was sitting by the edge of the water in front of the hole enjoying his prey as he watched the golfer's pass. There use to be a few Canadian Geese almost always on the pond. But "Phoebe" arrived on the scene and the geese have left to find a more peaceful landing spot.

The third hole, seemingly the longest and hardest, is always a challenge. Thereafter come a couple of par 3s, the second of which, although marked as the easiest hole on the course, is anything but as the postage stamp green is surrounded by two ugly sand traps. Perfection is needed to land on the green.

You have reached the far end of your walk through the Meadows and now start your stroll back at the sixth hole. The 6th is another short par 4 and here again a chance for a birdie. Down in the valley of the Meadow, all is perfectly quiet as you turn the corner.

But around the corner is the water hole. Again accuracy is a must or a decent score is impossible. As you walk past the pond, up to the 7th green, a school of gold fish can often be spotted. If one survives this hole, up comes the dreaded sand pit to the right of the 8th hole. Stay out of it. Before teeing off, if it is your lucky day, a rare Northern Bluebird can be spotted hanging around the area.

The ninth hole, Swanson Meadows signature hole, is highlighted by the clubhouse on the horizon behind the 9th green. Day dreaming of a good finish and the thought of refreshments on the porch can affect your golf concentration if not careful.

What a delightful place is Swanson Meadows. It is more than just another 9 hole golf course. It is a very well designed course built within a Meadow with much more to enjoy then just a round of golf. It does not get much nicer than this, even if par or geezer par is seldom within your reach.

216 Rangeway Road • NOrth Billerica, MA 01862 • (978) 670-7777